by Imaginary Jack

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released June 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Imaginary Jack Chicago, Illinois

Music inspired by all the worst people from all the worst places, borne of bad stories and well-made mistakes. (Rock'n'Roll w/ Pre-Rock influence)

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Track Name: Fear in a Child's Eyes
She has learned to keep to herself. She knows her hiding places well. Count ten and then... She thought her father was a good man; she was too young to understand. From six to ten, just she and him... She licks her wounds and stays inside. She tries her best to say what's right. Get low, stay safe... It would be years until she'd speak the story, what he done to me, but it's too late... it is far too late. The court would have to take his side. Fear in a child's eyes.
Track Name: The Burial
It was static all day and he laid with her on his chest. She would stare and gasp for breath. It was moments before the end. He watched it slow down and he knew when it was over, and he put her in the ground with his own hands. The family stood outside and they watched in a line. He kissed the ground and he said goodbye. His breath shook hard, but he held a dry face until he got into his car, then it all came out like rain.
Track Name: Shooting Gallery
His face is fleshed with the road map of a hard fifty years of poor decision. His crooked hands hold a bent cigarette to the vulgar lips of no education. He lives on the block of Lake and 13 in the bell-doored, flea-market colonial, glittered in relics of an empty dream. You can't tell him a thing, he knows it all. And, from every direction come wandering souls, feral and spit-shined in rag-water gin. To crawl in through the windows all pawning for dope, creatures not even the street will take in. He palms his aggression and he growls a cuss, and he puts his dirty hair back with a rag. Where the dead colors of an old TV glow, he hands another sick junkie a bag. This is the parlor of the shooting gallery where the lungs of the city cough smoke. Where you see dreams lose their mystery and children come to lose hope.
Track Name: Nothing Greater
So you want to start a war? Well I can show you how, but first you have to learn to hate. So you say you want more? Well I can get it for you, but are you sure you want me to? So you believe in a second life? The hand of god waits for us with the answer when we die? Well, you're welcome to try. You're welcome to pit reason against the blood of your god. But can I let you in on a secret, but you have to say you won't say for you musn't say. Okay, so here it is, I'm willing to tell it to you, there is no greater truth or understanding in death.
Track Name: No Fun
I'm gonna clean the house slowly. I won't be finished quickly, but it'll stay clean when I'm done. I've got the special adapter. It always makes me happier, but it's no fun. We've got the perfect relaxer, it makes the time go faster... kids on drugs. She's got the ugliest memories, and he writes the loveliest melodies. They're in love. I'm gonna salt the driveway, I'm gonna keep the dishes clean. Yes, indeed. You act like you got somethin' that I lack, but you ain't no better than me. No, siree. I picked up a new kind of incense. Why don't you come over and burn it with me? Wait and see. La da da da... Sing with me.
Track Name: Sober Susan
Sober Susan puts her eyes inside a jar. She might be cozy, but she can't see very far. And, when I try to take them out for her, she slaps my hand away. Angry Andy keeps his brain out on the floor. He might be happy, but it makes him such a bore. And, when I try to put it back into his head, he knocks me down, he knocks me dead. It just don't pay, nobody need no help today. Everybody knows where they are and they all want to stay. Angry Andy with his brain on the floor, Sober Susan with her eyes inside a jar, it's enough to make you want to just stop and scream no more. Sober Susan, among others, hiding underneath their covers. Too afraid of the possible rain, won't come out to see the light of day.
Track Name: Antithesis
I'm a tight pack of organs and bones. I'm a bag of blood about to explode. I'm a gun-toting lunatic on the sidewalk with no bullet to put in my brain. I'm a pretty predictable rhyme scheme. I am everything you've already seen. I'm a wolf and I'm dressed in a rain coat. I'm in the desert and I've been there for days. I'm a child, I'm a rotten tomato. I am a gambler, I knock on the table. I put the knife between the teeth of your daughter. I help her come when you tell her to stay. I am the upper keeping everyone down. I go nowhere, but I get around. I am the amber in your alcohol. I am the antithesis of whatever I say. I hate myself for what I am. I always have. I don't know what happened. Something must have gone terribly wrong, and then suddenly there I was.
Track Name: Grave Robbing
He was gray when they found him slumped at the edge of the bed. We parked at the hospital. We ditched the car and ran. We went back to fix, went back to check his pockets. Can someone please explain the difference to me, the difference between the life and death. My blood don't run quite like it used to. Can't feel the sun, but I can feel the cold in you just fine.